Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Olivia and Valerie!

We took the family to the Oklahoma city science museum for the girls' birthday! We all had such a good time and I was impressed with the range of things for the kids to do there! We even went to a science show on explosions which was really neat! After, we came home for naps then opened presents, had dinner and special birthday cookies. We finished the day with swimming at the pool so the girls could play with their new swimming princesses! The girls got the start to their dollhouse furniture- we are getting them the furniture now and then the dollhouse for Christmas, they also got princess dresses and shoes. It was a great birthday for them! I can't believe my baby girls are two years old! They have grown so much and are blossoming into wonderful little girls. It is so much fun to watch them interact with eachother and begin to grow into their own individual people!

Chocolate pudding

We had chocolate pudding for snack the other day and the girls had a little too much fun! Valerie is my messy child and loves to put stuff all over her! Olivia is a little neater, but has fun making Valerie messy!