Monday, December 29, 2008

New Toys!!!

Landon loves to cook in his new kitchen. Of course the ice cream and pizza are his favorite, but he has made me a pineapple sandwich and soup on the stove as well! He is also having so much fun with his new trains and water tower. Mommy loves that he is getting so much better at playing independently for at least short amounts of time!

Christmas with the Parker Family

Landon was very excited to wake up Christmas morning and see what Santa left him in his stocking. He got a Thomas movie, Hot wheel cars, a nerf football, and a Thomas the train track with the water tower!
Landon enjoyed playing with his cousin Natalie! This is the little kitchen set Natalie got for Christmas. They had a ball playing with it and did fairly well sharing-
a great feat for two year olds!

This is the Thomas set that Santa brought Landon.

Uncle Sam and Auntie Emily gave Landon a Thomas play shaving set! He was thrilled since he loves to try and shave like Daddy. He was practicing on Great Grandpa!

Landon's big present and the hit of Christmas this year was his big red kitchen from Grandma and Grandpa! It was torture for him to have to leave it in the box until we got home and Daddy had a chance to put it together. He absolutely loves it and is constantly cooking dinner for us! I will post pictures of the finished product soon!

Christmas day was spent with my mom, stepdad, Andrea, Bret and Natalie, Sam and Emily and Great Grandpa. It was so much fun to watch Natalie and Landon open their presents and want to play with everything they opened right then! It was a great day of spending time with family and watching the little ones play with all their Christmas presents!

Christmas with the Woosley family

This is one spoiled boy, who loves to open presents!!
Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!
Landon was very excited about his new set of wooden blocks!

He sure does love his Uncle Adam!

On Christmas Eve we spent some time with my dad, Heidi and Adam. We had a wonderful Turkey dinner and opened presents. Landon got some very fun books and CDs, wooden blocks, a Thomas floor puzzle and Color Wonder markers and coloring book! He was a very happy boy and loved the time he got to play with Grandpa Thomas, Grandma Heidi and Uncle Adam!

Christmas with the Scharf family

Landon is a chocolate monster and was very eager to share Uncle Chris' fudge!
Landon wanted to help everyone open their presents!

On Monday the 22nd, we got together with Kyle's family to celebrate Christmas. Mikey was home from Iraq and his girlfriend Jana was able to join us. It was so much fun watching Landon open his presents all by himself this year! Such a difference from last year! I can't believe how much he has grown up!

Christmas Cookies

Landon and I had so much fun making and decorating cookies this year! I loved that he is now old enough to actually help and even do some of it on his own! He got to decorate 2 cookies all by himself and they were his special cookies to eat! He loved it!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Steam Train

Today we drove up to Jamestown and rode the steam train. Santa was on board and Landon got super excited when he saw him. He told me he wanted to shake Santa's hand and give him a big hug and a kiss. We met up with two of my best friends from college and their families. It was fun to all be together with our husbands and kids! The train ride was about 45 minutes long and then we got hot chocolate and cookies. We had a picnic lunch and explored the train museum. It was a great day!

Christmas Tree!

We went to a cute little Christmas tree farm here in Modesto and got a great deal on a very big Christmas tree. Landon had a ball running through the trees and wanting to take each one to his house! Everyone who buys a tree at this farm gets a free horse ride- so of course Landon was very excited about that!

We had a great time decorating the tree. It was fun to watch Landon put the ornaments on by himself. He put all his on one branch of the tree! He loves to wake up in the morning and go see his Christmas tree. It is so fun that he can talk and understand a little about Christmas this year!