Monday, March 29, 2010


The girls love looking out the windows in our bedroom and watching the birds- which works out great for me, because I can sit them there, take a shower and know they will be entertained for awhile!

Valerie's first cracker- she wasn't so fond of it, she just got mad, threw it down and cried.

Olivia's first cracker- she on the other hand loved it and chewed on it for quite awhile!

Spring BBQ at our house

On Saturday we had several of our friends over for a BBQ and all had a blast! It was so fun watching the kids all play in the creek and the dads take them out in the boats. Just about all of them even caught a fish! It was a great day and we are looking forward to many more this summer!


This is Landon's new favorite place. He is always asking me to spread the blanket out on the grass between the two trees. All three of them loved laying out in the sun today and listening to all the birds!


We went for a hike behind our house the other day and it was so beautiful out! The wildflowers are starting to bloom and everything is so green and pretty! It was a perfect day for taking pictures! Landon had so much fun exploring and even Zoe came along. Kyle and I each wore one of the girls in a carrier and really enjoyed the afternoon together as a family!

Murphys Irish Day Parade



Landon and the Leprachaun

Feeding the animals

We went up to Murphys for Saint Patricks Day and watched the parade. Grandma Scharf made Landon a leprachaun vest and he had so much fun being a leprachaun all day! We got so many comments about his red hair that day and of course everyone loved to see the girls! It was a fun day!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Landon's first week of at home preschool

Circling all the letter Lls that he can find on the white board.
Painting a ladybug

Playing and writing Lls in cornmeal

Practicing writing Lls on the white board

Gluing beans on and coloring a letter Ll.
All his zoo animals had to come to school with us this day!
Landon had a great first week of our little in home preschool. He loves the one on one time with Mommy and is excited to learn. We learned the letter Ll this week and he can now read his name, recognize and write the letter Ll and name words that start with L. We read stories, went on a listening walk, collected leaves for a collage and started working on making patterns with unifix cubes. We set up a corner of our office/guest room to be Landon's school and he loves getting dressed and ready for school. He calls me teacher during school time- all on his own accord and is always asking when it is snack time. I love doing this with him and am excited to see him learn so much in one week!

The girls are sitting up- sort of!

We have just introduced the girls to sippy cups. I can't say that they have gotten much out of them, but they sure have enjoyed playing with them and chewing on them. They are both just about ready to completely sit up on their own. They both can do for about a minute before they topple over. I am getting excited to be able to sit them on the floor to play! This week they started getting their first teeth as well. Valerie had two pock through on the bottom and Olivia had one. They have been sick girls this week with RSV and have both been put on inhalers and Olivia is on antibiotics for an ear infection. Between them, Kyle and Landon all being sick this has been a long week, but we are on the mend and almost back to our healthy selves again!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Ballerina Girls!

While Diane was here we put the girls in her purple tutus and took some pictures in my living room. I am so excited with how well they turned out! They are so much better than the ones I had professionally taken!

College Friends

This week when Diane came to visit we drove up to Sonora to visit our friend Nichole. We are three went to college together and now between the three of us have 10 kids! All three of us have had girls in the past 7 months so it was fun to see them together and watch the older ones play- a bit insane, but it was fun!

My girls are growing up!

The girls are now 7 months old and are catching up to where they would be if they were born on time. Valerie is in the 23rd percentile for weight and Olivia is in the 12th. Landon absolutely adores his sisters and wants to hold them and play with them all the time. They are starting to interact more with each other and laugh and smile at each other often. They are sleeping about 10-11 hours at night and are both happy healthy girls!

Landon and Cooper

My best friend, Diane and two of her kids came to visit us this week. Landon and Cooper are great friends and had so much fun together. They played in the creek, stomped in puddles, rode bikes, played cars, playdough and watched tv together. It was a very fun couple of days, but we were all exhausted by the end! Landon can't wait to go to Cooper's house now!


My precious girl! She loves her big brother- he can get her to smile and laugh more than anyone else! She loves to sleep and loves her food! She is content just about anywhere. We love her so much and are so thankful to have her as a part of our family!