Thursday, September 8, 2011

Landon's first soccer practice

Landon is playing soccer through the YMCA this year. This is the first time he has ever done any kind of team sport and he is not so sure about it. He said it was too hot to practice- which it was very cool considering how it has been. They did a lot of standing around waiting for their turn, which he doesn't like, so we will see how the season goes. He really wanted to play so I just hope he likes it!

Lots of Girls!

Diane bought all the girls matching shirts for their birthday and so we attempted to take pictures with all the girls. We got a couple cute ones- it sure is hard to get 3 two year olds and an almost 4 year old to cooperate for pictures all at the same time!

Enid Children's Museum

Landon and Olivia
Landon and Cooper fishing
Lexi and the twins

Kaylin and Ella

Lexi and Valerie
Landon had Monday and Tuesday off school for Labor Day and so on Tuesday we drove down to Enid which is about an hour and a half away. Diane and I went with all our kids to the children's museum. I took our neighbor, Lexi with us and we had a great day! The kids loved the museum, there were lots of creative play areas! A store, restaurant, doctor's office, castle with an underground tunnel, art studio and workshop. They also had an area for little kids, which Ella loved being able to play in the ball area! There were only a couple other kids there so we pretty much had the place to ourselves which was great. It gave the kids more freedom to move about to different areas without us having to worry about them much. They also had a giant wooden castle playground outside which was a lot of fun for them as well and the weather was finally nice so it was great to sit outside and watch them follow Lexi around the playground!

Happy Birthday Landon!

For Landon's 5th birthday we went to Pelican Bay Water Park! He has been asking to go there all summer and we finally did it! It is a waterslide park that has a beach entrance swimming pool with fountains and a little slide in the middle. They also have a spray park next to the pool! Landon's favorite was the lazy river. He has become such a little swimmer this summer and had a blast. We even saw one of his friend's from school who happened to be there at the same time, so that made it extra special for him!

Grandma and Grandpa visit

Grandma and Grandpa Scharf came and visited us for a week and while they were here we went to the Science Museum again. The kids loved it, as usual and we had a great time showing Grandma and Grandpa all our favorite things to do!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Landon's First Day of School

Landon has officially started kindergarten! He was so excited for the first d ay of school! Although, he may not look so excited in the pictures, because he did not want me to take his picture! He went right into his class, put his backpack away and sat on the carpet to look at a book. His sisters on the other hand were not so thrilled at leaving Landon at school. All the way to the car they cried for Landon! Landon started riding the bus to school on the second day of school and now rides it to and from school. It's great to not have to get everyone in the car twice a day and he loves it! We switched him into a different class after the second day of school because we were not thrilled with his kindergarten teacher. The principal was very understanding and got him moved to a wonderful class with a teacher that loves her job and loves her students!

Random Pictures

The girls love to swim and have gotten so independent this summer!
We are attempting to potty train the girls!
Ella can officially sit up on her own at 8 months!
Olivia and Valerie love Ella and fight over who is going to hold her!
Valerie and Ella
Yes, our hands are full, but we love it!
Valerie loves to play dress up!
Look at me sitting up!
Valerie playing with Ella

Homemade paint!

I was watching Kaylin and decided to have the girls help make paint. It was a great idea and they had a lot of fun, but I am fully convinced that my girls can not paint without making a mess of themselves! They started out painting the cardboards, but before long they were painting their hands, arms and hair! They had fun, but I think I am still finding paint in my kitchen!