Friday, March 25, 2011

Our New House!

Our Bedroom
Our Bathroom

Living room with door leading to the backyard

Living room with door leading to our bedroom

Hallway with kitchen to the left and kids rooms to the right
front door straight ahead

Kitchen with opening looking into the living room

Dining room with window looking to the front yard

Landon's room

Landon's room with windows looking to the front yard

Olivia and Valerie's room

Olivia and Valerie's room

Kids' bathroom which is between the two bedrooms

Kids' bathroom

front of the house

backyard and Landon's trampoline which has made us very popular with the neighbor kids

back patio

The girls love the freedom of going out in the backyard whenever they want! It is so nice to have fences and not worry about them around water!

Ella was 3 months old yesterday and has been such a trooper through all this. She is so easy going and is really starting to smile!
We made it to Oklahoma! These past two or o months have been quite the whirlwind! But we are getting settled and trying to get established here. The drive across country with 4 little ones was quite the adventure, but we made it relatively smoothly. We drove for 3 12 hour days and stayed in two hotels. The kids were troopers even though they all got sick on the drive. Olivia threw up before we even made it to Turlock on the first day and by the time we got here they all had fevers, runny noses and coughs! But we made it with only a few major meltdowns.
We have been here 2 weeks today and the house is just about all unpacked. Landon started Pre-K at the elementary school this week and loves it! His teacher Ms. Towns is very impressed with how well he has fit into their class! We went to a church called Faith Bible Church this past Sunday and really liked it. Landon joined their AWANA group on Wednesday night and loved that as well! We will try a couple other churches, but have a feeling this is where we will end up. It is really close to home, a good size and very friendly people. I talked to the pastor on Wednesday night and he knows our pastor in Modesto- Rick Countryman. Small world!
Our neighborhood is wonderful! There is a 5 year old boy who lives across the street and him and Landon are constantly at each other's houses. There are also a couple 7-9year olds who love to come jump on our trampoline. The park is around the corner along with a community swimming pool. We even have a 12 year old girl across the street who loves me and even came over yesterday to tell me she had a very stressful day and got in a fight with her friends and now has no friends. It was neat that she felt comfortable with me already and wanted to come talk to me about it. There is a 16 year old girl next door who has already offered to be our babysitter as well!
Kyle switched jobs already and his now working for the union on a big 50 story building that should be a 2 year project. He is doing really well and loving being back at work. So, we are getting into the swing of things here and I think we will really like it. It is so comforting having Kyle get up and go to work every morning and knowing we will be able to pay our bills our self this month! God is good and he has provided for our every need and even many of our wants! Our house is a bit small for our big family, but it will work for now and we are cozy and together, which is all that matters! I miss my California friends like crazy, but am looking forward to making new ones. I even went to a moms of twins club playdate this week and am excited about getting to know other moms of twins!
Life is good!