Thursday, October 22, 2009

A few more picutes of the twins!


The girls like to ride together in the back of the double stroller and that way Landon gets to ride in the front. We probably won't be able to do it for too much longer, but it is fun for now!

Hiking in our backyard

We have gotten all moved out to La Grange and are really enjoying our new house. Despite the fact that we got broken into while we were in Oakland and a whole bunch of Kyle's tools, our guitars and many other things were stolen. We love the outdoors here. Kyle and Landon go fishing every day and caught 7 fish in our creek just yesterday! The river is right out our back gate and these pictures were taken on an evening hike down to the bridge. Kyle's parents have been staying with us at least a night every week which has given us opportunities to spend time with Landon and given me several good nights of sleep! We are getting settled in here and are really enjoying the house and property!

English Muffin Pizzas

Landon and I decided to make English muffin pizzas for lunch the other day. I am finding it to be more and more important to find some sort of project or organized activity to do with him every day. Not only to give him that one on one attention, but to start to work with him on expanding his attention span and learning life lessons.

Landon's Praying Mantis

Landon found a praying mantis in our backyard and kept it for several days. He named her Madelyn and let her crawl all over him. He brought her in the house and played with her on his train table with his cars and followed her all over the backyard. We finally convinced him to let her go in a tree in our backyard. She was a great temporary pet though- she entertained Landon for hours!

PIctures of the girls!

Landon loves his baby sisters.
Cuddle time!

Play time!

All dressed up and ready for church.





The girls are growing more and more each day. Last Friday we went to Oakland for Olivia's surgery follow up and Olivia weighed 8lbs. 4oz. and Valerie was 9lbs. 0oz. They have officially outgrown all preemie clothes and are filling up their newborn clothes. They both love to eat-they consistently want to eat at least every 3 hours- even during the night. They are on a higher calorie formula to help them gain weight and it seems to be working just fine! Landon is very good with them- most of the time. He loves to hold them and give them kisses. We are all adjusting to life with two newborns and loving every minute of it!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Landon was obsessed with the electric train that we saw go past the hospital several times a day. So Grandma and I took him on a ride into the city one day while daddy stayed with Olivia.
Finally my two girls are together! We were so excited to be going home!

Our favorite nurse at the Children's hospital! She was so good to us and to Olivia!

Proud big brother ready to be going back to his house- which would only be for a couple of days! We came home on a Wednesday and moved out to our new house in La Grange that Saturday!

Sunbathing while we waited for AAA, since our car wouldn't start when we were ready to come home!
So here's the story of Olivia's stay in Oakland:
After being back in the ICN at Memorial Hospital in Modesto for almost 2 weeks and still they didn't know what was wrong her doctor decided it was time for a helicopter ride to Oakland. So Thursday night before Memorial day weekend Olivia was loaded into the helicopter and taken to the Children's hospital in Oakland. It was late by the time they took her and we were trying to figure out what to do- as far as when we should go, what to do with the other two kids etc. We ended up calling my dad and he met the helicopter in Oakland (he lives in Santa Rosa) and stayed with her all night that first night. We arrived the next morning to news that she had pyloric stenosis and that they would be doing surgery that day. It was such a relief to finally know what she had and that there was a way to fix it. Pyloric stenosis is an enlarged muscle in the digestive tract so that no food can pass through and be digested. They were able to do the surgery laproscopically so she has three tiny dots on her tummy as a result. They cut the muscle and she was back up in the ICN by Friday evening. Normally the recovery from this surgery takes a couple of days, but Olivia continued to vomit brown gunk for about another week. We were worried there could be something else wrong, but the doctors said it would just take time. It was a long two week recovery with a very slow progression of feeding then stopping, they trying again. Finally she was able to keep enough down to gain weight and we were released to go home! It was such a relief and amazing feeling to have both my girls together again. God was so good during this time and provided us with a wonderful place to stay- the Family house, which is associated with the hospital. It was right across the street so we were able to walk back and forth several times a day. There was plenty for Landon to do and he even got to stay with Grandma Heidi and Grandpa Thomas for a couple of days. We had wonderful friends and family visit and more people than I will ever know of praying! God is good and my little girl is healty and happy today! Thank you everyone for all your encouragement and prayers during this time!