Sunday, January 31, 2010

Landon's drawings

Landon has been practicing drawing a lot lately and asked me to teach him how to draw a person the other day, so I modeled a stick person and he picked it up very quickly and is now drawing people all the time! He has gotten into a learning mode and it is so much fun to teach him! He has learned how to verbally spell his name- if you ask him how to spell Landon he will respond- "LANDON"!

Landon's big boy bike

Landon learned how to ride his big boy bike today! We got it for him for Christmas and this has been the first real sunny day that I have had a chance to go out and work with him on riding it. He was scared at first, but got the hang of it real quick and now is riding like a pro. He did go around one turn a little too fast and tipped over, but he got right back up and tried again! I am so proud of him- he is growing up so quickly!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day!

We took a day trip up to Arnold this week and played in the snow at Kyle's friends house. It was a perfect snow trip- it was a beautiful sunny day and we were able to sled down a neighbors driveway that hadn't been plowed. So the girls hung out in the stroller in the court and watched us sled! Then when they needed to be fed we were able to go up to Lincoln's house and have a place to sit. It worked out great and Landon loved being able to play in the snow. I didn't think we were going to be able to go up to the snow this year with the girls being so little, but we had a great day!

Valerie can rollover!

We got a flip video camera for Christmas and I am so excited that I can now post videos to our blog! Valerie just learned to roll from her stomach to back this past week and kept doing it over and over! She was so proud of herself. Olivia has done it a couple of times, but I haven't caught it on video yet!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Santa Rosa

Grandpa Thomas and the girls
My grandma Woosley passed away recently and so I took the kids and went to Santa Rosa for a couple days for the funeral. Kyle was sick so he had to stay home. It was a big trip to do with 3 kids by myself, but well worth it. It was great to see all the Woosley family- some I hadn't seen since I was 9! Landon loved all the attention from all my aunts, uncles and cousins! It was a very special day- sorry it had to happen under such circumstances.

Landon's tent

Aunt Becky gave Landon these really cool tents that are connected with a tunnel. It has been a great rainy day indoor activity today. He tried to bring his puppy Zoe in with him, but she was a little scared of it. I can't wait until the girls are old enough to crawl through with him!

Shower fun

After playing in the rain Landon wanted to take a shower to warm up. A friend of mine had let her children paint the walls of the shower with shaving cream so I thought I would let Landon give it a try. He loved it!!! He was making pictures and having a ball. He was fully entertained for a good half hour!

Rainy days

We have had a solid week of rainy days. By Wednesday Landon was so tired of being inside we decided to go out and play in the rain. He put his rain jacket and boots on and went out and stomped in puddles and rode his tricycle through the puddles. We were soaked and freezing cold, but had a great time!

Family reunion

Kyle's great aunt twins holding our twins!
Landon and Grandma Scharf

Kyle's cousin and her daughter holding Olivia

Two generations of cousins

Landon and his cousin Christina
We took a trip up to Fresno for Kyle's great uncle's 80th birthday party. It was a fun evening- most of Kyle's extended family had not met the girls and Landon had not seen his cousin Christina for almost two years!

Olivia and Valerie are 5 months old!





My three babies watching Saturday morning cartoons!

My girls are growing up so quickly. They are both close to 13 pounds now and are really starting to laugh and smile. Valerie has really found her voice and loves to scream! They are starting to discover each other and often lock arms, hold hands or suck on each other's fingers. It is very fun to watch them together! Landon is a great big brother and loves his sisters dearly. He is very protective of them and is always giving them hugs and kisses! I am one lucky mommy!

First bites of rice cereal

Valerie's first bites of cereal!
Olivia's first bites of cereal!

We tried the girls on rice cereal when they turned 5 months old. They took in a little bit, but for the most part just pushed it right back out with their tongues. We have tried a couple more times since then, but they just aren't ready for it yet.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Landon's Gingerbread House

We wanted to do this before Christmas, but ran out of time- so we made a New Year's Gingerbread house. Landon had a lot of fun putting the candy on, but even more fun eating all the candy!

Christmas with the Parker Family

The whole family together!!!
Olivia loves her cousin Naomi!

Olivia's new quilt made by Grandma Kathy!

Valerie's new quilt made by Grandma Kathy!

Mommy loves her girls!

Uncle Brian surprised us all and flew from San Diego on the 27th when we were all at our mom's house. It was a wonderful surprise and he got to meet his neices for the first time!

Olivia and Valerie and their cousin Naomi who is 2 weeks older than they are.

Landon loved looking for Gold Bug with Grandma Kathy

Landon and his cousin Natalie reading Curious George with their Aunt Emily

Another great Christmas! It was so fun to be together with all my siblings and their families. This was the first time we were all together since Landon's first birthday party. We had a blast just hanging out together for the day. Landon and Natalie got along very well and were even pretty good about sharing their Christmas presents. Landon got a scooter from Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Larry and a small remote control car from Great Grandpa- those seemed to be the most played with items of the day. The girls got some very fun soft food toys that crinkle and jingle! I can't wait until they start playing with things! We had a wonderful, but quick stay in Santa Rosa. It is quite difficult being away from home with three little ones though so we were ready to be home!

Christmas with the Woosley Family

Valerie and Aunt Linda
Aunt Linda and Vicki holding the girls

Girls with their great grandma

Christmas with my dad!

Landon got a Radio Flyer Big Wheel bike from Grandpa Thomas and Grandma Heidi!

This is kid was spoiled with bikes this year!

Good thing we have the space to ride them!

Landon loves his Uncle Adam

Grandma Heidi with the girls!

The day after Christmas we went to Santa Rosa to spend some time with my family. We spent Saturday with my dad and Heidi and were blessed to see many of my aunts, uncles and cousins as well. It was another great family day!