Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shaving Cream fun!

Yesterday we had a fun with shaving cream day! We put it in our little pool and went wild with it! It made the bottom of the pool really slippery, so the girls weren't so fond of actually being in the pool, but loved playing with it from the outside! Landon had a ball and was all into slipping and sliding and being the shaving cream monster! It was Landon's idea to add the slide and once the shaving cream was all dried up we added water to the pool and they all slid in to clean off! It was super fun and an easy, messy activity to clean up!

Backyard Painting!

I was watching Kaylin the other day and decided to do some painting with the girls. I put butcher paper up on the back fence and let them go at it! It was a fun idea and they really did enjoy it, the problem was that it was too windy and I couldn't find Kyle's staple gun to secure the paper so it kept blowing away! The girls didn't seem to mind and decided to paint themselves instead! Then I cleaned them all off in the pool!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oklahoma Zoo

We went to the zoo again on Wednesday with Diane and her kids. The kids had a great time, we however were a bit hot! We each pushed a double stroller, so I didn't have to wear Ella all day since it was ridiculously hot! She however, we found out when we got home was coming down with a fever and was miserable all day! We saw a few animals, played at the park and in the children's zoo and were home by 1:30. This hot humidity is a new thing for me and I think I prefer to just stay inside!

First weekend of summer!

We had a very fun Memorial Day weekend as a family! Saturday morning Kyle and Landon got up to go get dohnuts, which has become routine since we moved here and came back with a plastic pool for our backyard! The kids played in it all morning and had a great time! Saturday afternoon I took Landon down to our community pool to swim. Then Sunday we decided to take a drive to Tulsa to check out some more of Oklahoma. We ended up having lunch in Tulsa at a Pizza place called Joe Mamma's and then stopped at Lake Heyburn which was about halfway back home. It was a fun day to get away and have fun together. Then Monday Kyle was off work so we took the kids to the Oklahoma city zoo. We had a good time. They have a great playground for the kids to play in and a very fun children's zoo with a creek for them to play in and fountains to cool off. We got to see a baby elephant that was born a couple weeks ago- she was so cute. It was pretty hot, but very windy which helped keep us a little cooler.

Muddy mess

Olivia and Valerie love to play in the mud! I can't send them outside without them coming in a total mess! They love to dig and are starting to not put it in their mouths as much!

Landon's Field day

picking up marbles with his toes
Landon's friend Colby that lives across the street.

jump rope

frisbee toss

On Landon's last day of school they had a field day over at the high school which is right behind his school. They had the whole field set up with games for the kids to play- they had a great time despite the extremely strong winds! A wonderful end to the school year!

Ella is 5 months old!

Ella is 5 months old and a very happybaby- most of the time! She is very smiley, loves to play on the floor, when her sisters aren't attacking her and is very good at holding herself up. We tried giving her a few bites of rice cereal and it didn't go so well- so was not so interested in it. She is the firest of my children that has been only breastfed and she is quite spoiled compared to the others! She will only go to sleep if she has been nursed first and tends to want to do so just to be comforted. She won't take a pacifier, has stoopped sucking her thumb, so that is her only source of comfort. She is a very good sleeper though and sleeps 11-12 hours at a time at night. She takes 2 naps of about an hour or so each and loves watching her siblings play! She is a very good baby and very much loved part of our family!