Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Landon's Pre-K Graduation party

Landon had his Pre-K Graduation party at school today- I can't believe I now have a kindergartner! It was a lot of fun, they had a bunch of fun outside activities to do along with making their own ice cream sundaes! They had graduation hats and each got a diploma! Landon and I made a letter P wall hanging for his teacher that he was so excited to give to her. I am so thankful for these two months of school that Landon was able to be a part of here.

My little preschool

I was watching Diane's girls the other day and they were all getting restless so I decided to get out the watercolors! With all 5 of them at the table and I was holding Ella, I felt like I had a preschool at my house! Although things get crazy with all our kids, I am so thankful that we have friends to be crazy with!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Girls' room

I finally got to decorating the girls' room this week. I bought letters to spell each of their names and decorated them and hung them above each bed. I arranged their room so that all 3 girls can fit in one bedroom- although Ella is still sleeping in a crib in our room at the moment- I don't trust the twins to not throw things at her in her crib! Eventually though she will be in their room, but her clothes will have to stay in our room for now- that room just isn't big enough for it all! I am very happy with how it turned out and had fun decorating my little girls' room!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lunch time!





I just moved the girls from their high chairs to booster seats at the table! I was tired of cleaning trays and was ready for them to be at the table with the rest of us, plus it is almost time for Ella to be needing a high chair! They loved being at the table and eating lunch with Landon today and are now quietly sleeping in their big girl beds! I can't believe how fast they are growing up- weren't they just babies yesterday and now they are definately toddlers?!

Baking Cookies


Valerie, Landon and I made some chocolate peanut butter cookies the other day. Olivia was still napping, so I decided I could brave baking with only one toddler. We had a lot of fun, made a huge mess and some really good cookies! This was Valerie's first baking experience and she loved it! We even took some fresh baked cookies to share with our neighbors! I love living in a neighborhood where we know and like our neighbors!

Mother's Day


I was able to go to the Muffins with Mom party at Landon's school for Mother's Day! It was very special to be on the mom side of a school event, rather than a teacher! They made cute handprint cards for us, served us muffins and sang some very cute songs as a class! I am so thankful that Landon was able to get into this class for the last couple months of school. His teacher, Mrs. Towns is very sweet and Landon loves her! I am also very thankful for Diane being here and able to watch the twins so that I could be a part of this with Landon. It has been so nice to not only have a best friend in this far away land, but a wonderful babysitter! Kyle and I have been on a couple dates already since we have been here, which is so nice for us to get to spend time together and get a little break from the kids. So there is still a ton of stuff we miss about California, but life is settling in here and I am getting used to the idea that I live in Oklahoma!

Monday, May 2, 2011

We found toddler beds for the girls at a garage sale this weekend and I was very nervous about trying them. I put them in their room last night, but left the cribs in, just in case. They went right to sleep and did not get up once until I came and got them this morning! I hope it remains this easy, because we are taking the cribs out today and putting one in our room for Ella, who is out growing her sleeper. I can't believe my baby girls are all getting so big, so fast!

Dresses made by Grandma Scharf



Grandma Scharf made dresses for the girls and Kaylin. While Kaylin was over one day I, put them on all the girls and they had so much fun playing in them! It was very cute to watch!


It rained here on Easter Sunday, but we were able to do an Easter Egg Hunt at Diane's Home Owner's association on Saturday. The girls loved picking up the eggs and putting them in their baskets, however Valerie had a tough time since she had a basket in one hand and a cookie that she wouldn't let go of in the other! It was a fun time.


Our house is constantly overflowing with children here! We have neighbors all around who come over almost every day after school and Diane is here with her 3 children. Many nights I am feeding 5-6 children for dinner. Landon loves having friends around and the girls get very excited when Kaylin comes over! It is a joy to watch them all interact and play together!


Ella is four months old and developing quite a personality. Her brother and sisters love her- sometimes a little too much! They can all get her to smile and giggle! Last week she discovered her feet for the first time, which was very cute to watch. She has decided she doesn't like pacifiers, but sucks her thumb all the time! She is a joy and a great addition to our family!

Park by our house

The kids love being able to walk to the park around the corner from our house. It is small, but it gets us out and some excercise. I can never get Olivia out of the swing and Valerie hates them. Valerie loves the rocking car and climbing the stairs to the slide. Landon loves it all, especially if some of his neighborhood friends are there to play with. He is becoming quite the social butterfly!