Monday, August 30, 2010

Buzz Lightyear

Landon got this buzz lightyear costume and Buzz Lightyear for his birthday and has had so much fun dressing up and playing with them!

Birthday Party!

We got a great deal on this bouncy house and they let us keep it for 24 hours! Landon and Natalie had so much fun jumping and playing after everyone left!

The slip and slide from Aunt Becky and Uncle Cliff was a huge hit at the party- especially with Kyle pushing all the kids down it!

Olivia enjoying her cupcake

Valerie enjoying her cupcake



Birthday girls eating lunch

Landon enjoying his cupcake

We had a wonderful combined birthday party for Olivia and Valerie's first birthday and Landon's fourth birthday! We invited all our friends and family and had a huge party! We rented a bouncy house, had a blow up pool, slip and slide and BBQ! It was a great day and we thoroughly enjoyed celebrating with everyone! Landon of course had a ball and loved playing with his friends all day. The girls loved all the attention and their first taste of cupcake! Thank you everyone for helping us celebrate a very special year with our wonderful children!

Vacation Bible School

Landon and his new best friend Alissa
Egg race

Bible story coloring


After the first day Landon got up on stage and said his Bible verse in front of the whole Vacation Bible school! I was so proud of him!
Landon had the opportunity to go to Vacation Bible School for a week at a church in Waterford! He absolutely loved it and did so well! He memorized every verse and was a great listener! He is so ready for preschool!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bodega Bay

While we were at Alliance Redwoods we decided to drive out to the beach for the day. It was an absolutely beautiful day! This was the first time any of my children have just spent an afternoon playing at the beach! Landon loved the sand and after awhile even braved touching the water in the ocean! He loved flying his kite with Cooper and building sand castles. The girls had a ball in the sand and probably ate about half the beach! They loved feeling the sand in their toes and playing with the shovels. This was the day before Kaylin's birthday and two days before Olivia and Valerie's birthday so we put them all in their birthday girl shirts and tried to get pictures of them, but with Kaylin walking now it was hard to get them all in one spot at the same time. It was a great afternoon and one we will all remember!

Alliance Redwoods

Kyle was gone on a Men's retreat for a week and so Diane and I took the kids out to Alliance Redwoods for the weekend. We stayed in one of the brand new Yurts and the kids had so much fun! It was a bit of a crazy adventure with the two of us and 5 children- 3 of them under a year old! The biggest adventure was taking them all into the dining hall to eat 3 meals a day, but we survived and Landon and Cooper had a ball! It was a great time for the boys to make memories at mine and Diane's favorite place!

MOPS Scenic Nursery Tour

We had to opportunity to tour the scenic nursery in Modesto with out MOPS group. They taught the kids about different types of plants and trees and walked them around the nursery. Then they all got to plant their own pot of flowers. It was a great tour and the kids all had a wonderful time!

4th of July

We celebrated the 4th of July on the 3rd and had a BBQ with Kyle's parents and Mikey and Jana. Then we went up to Lake Don Pedro to watch the fireworks. We waited a long time before the fireworks started, but Landon made a bunch of new friends and had a great time playing. The girls played in their pack-n-play and we played games. We had a great spot right above the water and could see the boat they were launching the fireworks off of. Landon got a cool light saver to play with and all three of them loved the fireworks. Olivia only lasted through about 3 of them and then slept through the rest, but Landon and Valerie didn't take their eyes off the fireworks the whole time!

MOPS Chevy's tour

We got to tour Chevy's with our MOPS group and see how they make tortillas, go into the refrigerator and eat bean and cheese burritos. They asked the kids questions about the tour afterwards and Landon won a Chevy's hat. He was so excited and had a great time!

MOPS firestation and police station tour

This summer we have had the opportunity to participate in several MOPS outings. This was one of the first to the firestation and police station. Landon of course loved them both and talks all the time now about wanting to be a policeman or fireman!

Olivia, Valerie and Kaylin



The girls are all growing up so quickly. I can't believe they are almost a year old. Olivia and Valerie each have 6 teeth, four on top and two on bottom. They love when their friend Kaylin comes to visit, but get a little intimidated with the fact that she is crawling all over the place and just starting to walk. My girls are trying to crawl, but have found it to be easier and faster to just roll everywhere. Olivia loves to dig her feet into anything, especially the mud in the grass. They both put anything and everything into their mouths and love to be outside!