Monday, August 30, 2010

Birthday Party!

We got a great deal on this bouncy house and they let us keep it for 24 hours! Landon and Natalie had so much fun jumping and playing after everyone left!

The slip and slide from Aunt Becky and Uncle Cliff was a huge hit at the party- especially with Kyle pushing all the kids down it!

Olivia enjoying her cupcake

Valerie enjoying her cupcake



Birthday girls eating lunch

Landon enjoying his cupcake

We had a wonderful combined birthday party for Olivia and Valerie's first birthday and Landon's fourth birthday! We invited all our friends and family and had a huge party! We rented a bouncy house, had a blow up pool, slip and slide and BBQ! It was a great day and we thoroughly enjoyed celebrating with everyone! Landon of course had a ball and loved playing with his friends all day. The girls loved all the attention and their first taste of cupcake! Thank you everyone for helping us celebrate a very special year with our wonderful children!

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