Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The zoo

I took the girls to the zoo today and the highlight was the lorikeets! They just flew around and landed right on us! The girls weren't quite sure what to think of them, but had fun watching them. Ella loved them and kept trying to reach out to them!

What a mess!

I was on the phone for a few minutes this morning and came out to find this! The girls had gotten in to my lipstick and colored all over the wall, the toilet and the bathtub!

Family Park Day

The weather has finally been nice here so we took a Sunday afternoon and went to a really nice park here in town. We went for a short walk on the trail, played at the park, fed the ducks and went fishing. We took our neighbor Dillon with us and all had a great time!

Oklahoma State Fair

Diane and I took all 7 of our children to the State Fair and it was quite the experience. It was warm and exhausting but the kids had a lot of fun. The two highlights were getting to be a farmer for a day and the bubble show. Landon got to go on stage and try and blow a bubble with bubble gum and then blow all kinds of other bubbles. At the end they blew tons of bubbles and the kids all got to play in them.

Ella is 9 months old!

Ella is now 9 months old and weighs 13 lbs! She is super tiny and not even on the charts for her weight. She has her bottom two teeth in and babbles constantly. She is easy going and a very happy baby!