Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Day

We had a great Christmas with just our little family. We missed our family very much, but enjoyed our time together as a family. We got up Christmas morning and opened our stockings and presents from Santa. Then we had Monkey bread and an egg casserole for breakfast. We went to church, where the kids had a big birthday party for Jesus! When we got home we opened the rest of our presents, the girls took a nap and then got to go outside and ride their new bikes! We had a yummy dinner with all the kids favorites- steak, green beans and macaroni and cheese! They were spoiled with presents from grandparents, aunts, uncles and even some friends here in Oklahoma! The girls love their new dollhouse and their bikes and Landon and Kyle have had a ton of fun with their new Wii! It was a wonderful Christmas and we are very thankful for all God has blessed us with this past year which brought about some major changes in our lives!

Christmas morning

Santa Came! Landon was so excited Christmas morning and came to wake us up- well Ella and I had been up since 4:30- poor baby is teething and was not a happy camper. The twins were still asleep at 7:45 so I told Landon we could go wake them up. We went in and found them both asleep in Valerie's bed. It was pretty cute to see them snuggled up together in bed!

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we finished baking our cookies and decided to take a family trip to a convalescent home. We were missing our grandmas and grandpas so we decided to go visit some that were maybe missing their grandchildren. It was an incredible experience. We got there are lunch time and so the kids were able to go around to the tables and pass out cookies to everyone there. The twins loved it and were calling everyone grandma and grandpa and giving hugs and high fives. Landon was a little more shy, but enjoyed passing out the cookies. A lot of the residents there were dimentia patients and most didn't have any family coming to visit for Christmas. They loved our children and it was a wonderful experience to see the smiles on their faces!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Ella!

Happy Birthday to our sweet blessing Ella! We celebrated Ella's birthday on Tuesday with the kids from our neighborhood! It was a small celebration but she loved her new doll, glowworm and carseat! She was so excited to open presents and wouldn't let go of her glowworm all night! She loved her cake, but was quite dainty with it! The twins got a kick out of watching her get messy! We missed celebrating with all our family, but had a very special first birthday celebration with our Ella bug!

Gingerbread Houses

We had lots of fun making Gingerbread Houses this year! It is so fun that the twins are old enough to make their own this year. They loved it! Our neighbors Madysen and Kayleigh came over and helped and really enjoyed it as well!

Waiting to see Santa

I took all 4 kids to the mall to go see Santa. The girls were excited while waiting in line and Valerie actually sat on Santa's lap for a minute. Olivia cried and wanted nothing to do with him. Landon was excited, of course and I don't think Ella knew what to think. We were unsuccessful at getting a picture of them on Santa's lap, but got a few while waiting in line.

Best Friends

Olivia, Valerie and Kaylin have so much fun together and come up with the strangest forms of entertainment! This is Ella's new carseat box that they sat on and played for about 20 minutes!