Monday, February 15, 2010


The girls were not so thrilled with my picture taking!

Olivia and Zoe

Landon caught a fish!
It was a beautiful spring day out today and so I thought I would take some pictures of the kids. The girls did not like this idea so much- I got a few of them individually, but they would not cooperate for together pictures. We had fun outside enjoying our yard though and are excited for this beautiful spring weather!



For Valentines Day we took a spur of the moment day trip up to Yosemite. It was a beautiful sunny warm day when we left our house and neither of us thought that there would be snow in Yosemite, so we loaded up and drove up to Yosemtie, much to our surprise there was so much snow and it was freezing! None of us brought jackets or snow clothes, so we drove down into the valley where there was just patches of snow and hiked up to the lower waterfall. It wasn't so cold, until we got to the waterfall and the mist was spraying us and it was windy. So we took a few pictures and moved on to explore caves! On the way back home Landon and I got out and played in the snow for a few minutes until we were thoroughly frozen and wet! It was a great day, full of laughs and new adventures. Just goes to show that we can be spontaneous even with twins and a three year old!