Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Edmond Children's Museum

For our last day of Christmas break Landon wanted to go to the Edmond Children's Museum. We invited our neighbors to come along and they all had so much fun playing pretend! They were a bunch of kids who lived in a train and sold tickets to other kids who wanted to come along for a ride to different stations. The little ones had fun to. Ella loved picking the vegetables from the garden and playing in the teepee! It was a great way to end our break!

First Family Bike Ride

On New Year's Day we decided to take the family out to Mitch Park for our first family bike ride. The girls still can't quite reach the pedals on their bike, but they are pretty good at scooting around on them. We all had a great time, despite the cold weather and ended the trip with some play time at the park!

Oklahoma City Zoo

My neighbor Tracy and I took all the kids to the zoo this week and between the two of us we had 9 kids with us! It was a beautiful day and all the kids did great! We had a wonderful time!

Ella's first playdate

Our neighbor watched three boys during the week and they came over to play the other day. Ella and Brady had a great time playing together and it was the first time I have seen Ella play with someone close to her age!