Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Visit with Cooper

It's rough being a boy and having your friend not want to play the same thing you want to play.

Getting all warmed up after a full day of swimming!

The boys had fun finger painting with chocolate pudding!

Our little swimming pool was a big hit this weekend with our over 100 degree weather!
The boys had a blast swimming most of the weekend!

Landon getting all geared up to go outside and ride his bike!

Landon and Cooper had a great weekend together. They had so much fun playing race cars, swimming and just being boys. They camped out on their blow up beds in Landon's room and the first night Landon came in my room at 1am to tell me that they were still playing and hadn't gone to sleep yet!!!!! They slept until almost 9am the next day, and went to bed a little better the next night. By Sunday afternoon they had had enough though and both were beginning to lose it. After they left Sunday, Landon layed down on the couch to watch a movie and fell asleep at 6:30pm. I put him in his bed and he slept until 7:30 the next morning! I say he was one tired little boy! I love watching him play with friends and am thankful that him and Cooper have so much fun together!

San Francisco

Landon's snake he picked out at the Rainforest Cafe
Lunch at the Rainforest Cafe

The Academy of Sciences

The girls were fascinated with the fish at the aquarium.

San Francisco Zoo

The girls love thier side by side stroller so they both can see what where we are going.

Landon's first taste of cotton candy!

Seven years ago Kyle proposed to me in this spot- now we visit as a family of 5 soon to be six!
We had a great little vacation to San Francisco. My mom and Larry met us at the zoo on Wednesday and then we went to the Academy of Sciences and the Rainforest Cafe on Thursday. Landon had a great time, the girls were in awe of everything and seemed to really enjoy the whole trip. Unfortunately Kyle was sick, but was a trooper and ejoyed time with our family!

Friday, June 11, 2010


Daddy and Valerie
Mommy and Olivia

We got Landon a pool for the backyard this summer and decided to take the girls for their first swim! They did not like it at all- they both screamed as soon and their toes touched the water. Olivia got a little bit used to it and even laughed when Landon took hold of her feet and made them kick. Valerie on the other hand wanted nothing to do with the water. We are hoping once the sun has a chance to warm the water up a bit they may like it a little more. Landon had a blast though and wanted to stay in there all day!

This and that

The girls are now 10 months old and finally can sit up all by themselves!
They love being outside!

Olivia has just started sleeping on her tummy and hugging her teddy bear that she got while in the hospital in Oakland.

Valerie loves her big brother and her big brother loves her! It is so fun to watch them starting to interact and play together more now!

Three Generations of Fishermen

My dad and my brother came up for a visit and it was so nice to see them and get to hang out for a day! Landon loves his uncle Brian and had so much fun showing them around his house and playing. My brother just had surgery on his shoulder so he had some time off work to come see us! We had a very enjoyable day together!

Messy girls!


We fed the girls raviolis for dinner the other night and they loved it!!! They chowed down on them and made quite a mess in the process! It was a fun dinner, even though it was quite the task getting them and their highchairs cleaned up!

MOPS playdate at our house!

We invited our MOPS group out for a playdate a couple weeks ago and had a blast! Landon loves having friends come out to his house to play. Him and his friend Anara especially had so much fun together. They played doctor with teddy bears in Landon's tents and collected clams from the creek. It was a great morning and one we were sad to see end!