Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mother's Day


I was able to go to the Muffins with Mom party at Landon's school for Mother's Day! It was very special to be on the mom side of a school event, rather than a teacher! They made cute handprint cards for us, served us muffins and sang some very cute songs as a class! I am so thankful that Landon was able to get into this class for the last couple months of school. His teacher, Mrs. Towns is very sweet and Landon loves her! I am also very thankful for Diane being here and able to watch the twins so that I could be a part of this with Landon. It has been so nice to not only have a best friend in this far away land, but a wonderful babysitter! Kyle and I have been on a couple dates already since we have been here, which is so nice for us to get to spend time together and get a little break from the kids. So there is still a ton of stuff we miss about California, but life is settling in here and I am getting used to the idea that I live in Oklahoma!

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