Friday, March 19, 2010

Landon's first week of at home preschool

Circling all the letter Lls that he can find on the white board.
Painting a ladybug

Playing and writing Lls in cornmeal

Practicing writing Lls on the white board

Gluing beans on and coloring a letter Ll.
All his zoo animals had to come to school with us this day!
Landon had a great first week of our little in home preschool. He loves the one on one time with Mommy and is excited to learn. We learned the letter Ll this week and he can now read his name, recognize and write the letter Ll and name words that start with L. We read stories, went on a listening walk, collected leaves for a collage and started working on making patterns with unifix cubes. We set up a corner of our office/guest room to be Landon's school and he loves getting dressed and ready for school. He calls me teacher during school time- all on his own accord and is always asking when it is snack time. I love doing this with him and am excited to see him learn so much in one week!

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What creative activities, and what a wonderful decision to homepreschool him. I blog about homepreschoool too, at