Monday, March 30, 2009

Snow at Timber Trails!

We stayed the weekend at our trailer up in Avery and were very surprised to wake up Sunday morning to a fresh blanket of snow. We had gone up for the weekend hoping to take Landon up to the snow, but it started raining and was really cold so we decided to just stay around Timber Trails. Landon was disappointed to say the least and really wanted to go to the snow! We went to bed Saturday night listening to the rain on the roof of the trailer. When we got up Sunday morning I opened up the shades to let in some sunlight and screamed at the sight of snow! Landon kept saying "now we don't have to go to the snow, the snow came camping with us!" We walked around outside and he kept asking, "What happened to the steps? What happened to the road? What happened to my trucks?" Everything was covered in snow! It snowed all morning and we found little hills to slide down on Landon's sled and had a ball just walking through the snow! When we were thoroughly cold from the snow we snuggled up in the adult center and watched tv for a little while before attempting to clean and pack everything up so we could head home! It was a great surprise ending to a wonderful family weekend!

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