Monday, July 27, 2009

Our New House!

This is a picture of the front of the house- standing over by the lake.

The house from the Gazebo by the lake.
The lake- complete with a paddle boat and canoe!

The dock by the lake and me with a very pregnant belly!!

We share this lake with 2 other houses- one of which is empty and for sale.

Side View of the house.

This is the backyard view, from standing by the creek.

The creek in our backyard- if you walk across the bridge where Landon is there is another big grassy area with a swing set/playground.
My mom and Larry came out to visit us this past weekend and we were able to take them out to our new house. We didn't get to go inside, but here are some pictures of the land. It is absolutely beautiful out there! The house is in La Grange which is about 30 miles out from Modesto. It is going to definately take some getting used to being so far out in the country. The nearest gas station and grocery store is about 20 minutes away in Waterford. We are excited to enjoy the land and Landon already loves the creek and going out on the lake in the canoe and paddle boat. We are renting and will be able to move in after August 1st. We have until about the end of October to be out of our house now so that gives us some time to do things slowly and not have to rush, since we will have two newborn babies at the time we are trying to move! God has been so good in providing for us and we are excited for this chapter of our lives. I am still planning on being involved in MOPS in Modesto and we will continue to go to our church- those will just have to be our shopping and errand days!


Amanda said...

It looks so nice!! Very peaceful.. :D

Andrea Rooks said...

What an amazing place to live! I imagine all your friends will want to come to your house to hang out and let the kids run around...