Thursday, August 6, 2009

Olivia Joy and Valerie Faith Scharf

Valerie Faith Scharf born August 2nd 2009 at 1:22pm and weighed 4lbs 8 oz.

Olivia Joy Scharf born August 2nd 2009 at 1:21 pm and weighed 4lbs. 3 oz.

I was able to come home from the hospital today, but unfortunately the girls are still in the ICN. They are doing well though. Olivia has been doing great at eating from the bottle and has had a few successes with breast feeding. She is off of the IV fluids and the oxygen, so basically we are just waiting for her to be able to hold a consistent body temperature and gain some weight. Valerie was able to take her first bottle today and did a great job with it. She is still on some oxygen and IV fluids and they are watching her respiratory rate. She still has to work really hard to breathe consistently and at a normal rate. They both gained about 2 oz in the past 24 hours and are both at about 4lbs. 3 oz. now. The doctors are predicting about a 2 weeks stay for them both to give them a chance to gain weight, hold their body temperature and have consistent breathing patterns. We would appreciate continued prayer for them both and us as a family as we adjust to this new life. I am going to aim to go to the hospital at least 3 times a day to feed the girls and spend time with them until they are able to come home.


Christina said...

They are both so beautiful, Becky! I hope you heal and recover quickly and that you can bring those gorgeous girls home soon!

Many prayers from the Lee family!

Andrea Rooks said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Your girls are gorgeous and you look great, too! We're praying for your swift recovery and for the girls to grow well and stay healthy....
Much love
Andrea, Bret, Natalie and Naomi